Waterbox Hawaii


Thank you for visiting our website! Waterbox provides purified water to Hawaii through convenience and affordability. Together with our partners, Waterbox has over 30 years of vending and water vending experience! Our goal has always been to provide an amazing service that will be above and beyond what is expected from a water kiosk.

Our Kiosk

The "Exclusive" Waterbox Single
For simplicity, Waterbox, LLC uses the Waterbox Single kiosk to serve Hawaii. Our kiosk is equipped with credit card readers that provide “tap to pay”, “google wallet” and “android pay” that ensures convenience for all tech savvy consumers! And of-course accepts, cash and coins too!

Waterbox and ice
our newest additions

Fresh bagged ice at a touch of a button


Purified Ice and Water

You can find me at HELE: Palama, Dillingham, Mililani Mauka, and Waianae. We are also at Seafood City, Shima's Supermarket, and on Kauai at Big Save Eleele and Big Save Hanalei.
$2.50 for huge 12lb bag
Reverse osmosis purified water.
$.50 per gal.
$2.50 per 5 gal.


Purified Ice and Water

You can find me at HELE: Kapolei, Kalihi Valley, and Salt Lake. We are also on the Big Island at KTA Express Kealakekua.
$2.50 for huge 12lb bag
$4.00 for 2 huge 12lb bags

Reverse osmosis purified water.
$.50 per gal.
$2.50 per 5 gal.


Purified Ice

You can find me at HELE: Nanakuli, Mililani Town Center, and Tandal's in Kailua.
$2.50 for huge 12lb bag

Using Waterbox is easy as 1-2-3

1.Place sanitized container in dispenser bay

2.Pay (accepts cash, coins, coupons, and credit/debit cards)

3.Press 1 or 5 gallon button and enjoy

Purification process

We use a 6 stage purification process that ensures pure water. Triple filters prior to the Reverse Osmosis filter removes contaminates, debris and odors associated with tap water. The “RO” filter removes the remainder of “unseen” contaminants. The final stages is the “Coconut carbon block” it cleans the clean water and removes odor and bad taste. Last but not least the UV light removes all bacteria and virus’s that may get through. Our “water refill stations” are serviced twice a week and every month a thorough maintenance program has maintained our highest standards.

Contact Us

For service, support as-well as future business partnerships contact waterboxhi@gmail.com or call us locally at 808-398-3338

Mahalo to our host locations!